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How Holiday Travel Can Spread Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Mattress Phoenix AZ

Travel Spreads Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread by hitching a ride from one place to another. The finest Hotels, Movie Theaters, public transportation, and homes can be the source of a bed bug problem.

It’s that WONDERFUL time of year… Thanksgiving is over and Christmas are the best time to see loved ones! Families and friends come from all over the world to spend the holidays together. Many of us travel to spend time with family or have guests in our own homes! Holiday travel spreads Bed Bugs because their main way bed bugs spread is by hitchhiking from one place to another!

Prime places for Bedbugs to hitch a ride from to their next infestation destination are: Hotels, Motels, Movie Theaters, ALL public transportation, and infested homes!

Bed Bugs are small and usually go unnoticed as they CRAWL onto luggage, clothing, and shoes. They usually wedge themselves into cracks crevices and wait for their next warm bodied meal. Learn more about Bed Bug Control facts and prevention (Bed Bug Blocking Mattress Cover) to protect your home and family.

How to do a Bed Bug Inspection:

Before settling into a Hotel or Vacation rental we recommend you do a quick bed bug inspection to avoid bites or bringing them home.

To avoid bed bug infestations at home we also recommend that you store your luggage off the beds and floors. And remember to check your luggage when you get home, especially around zippers and seams.

If you suspect a bed bug problem through your soft luggage, clothing and into the wash and dry on HI HEAT to kill any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride. Shoes can go strait into the drier for a cycle. The hi heat of a drier kills bed bugs.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Getting bed bugs can be a little embarrassing, but it’s a common problem especially after Holiday travel or house guests.

No need to panic! Bed Bug pest control has come a long way to effectively control bed bugs with out the extreme expense and effort if took just a couple years ago.¬† What used to take several treatments now can be effectively accomplished in just one service with newer advanced products! If you suspect a bed bug problem, call to schedule treatment and rest assured they’ll be eliminated quickly – GUARANTEED!

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