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How fast do scorpions die after being sprayed | Scorpion Pest Control

How fast scorpions die after being sprayed.

Scorpions are just about the hardiest arthropod, and several popular pest control products do not kill them. Responsible Pest Control specializes in scorpion control, and we’ve done our homework to discover which products work best!

In this short video you will see our scorpion pest control technician spray a scorpion directly and how fast it dies… Doesn’t take long! However, scorpions that have to come out of their crack and crevice homes to contact products after they’ve dried take a couple hours to die.

If you have seen scorpions around your home and yard, please let your technician and secretary know so it’s noted in your account and correct scorpion pest control products are applied!

Scorpion Pest Control

It’s common for Phoenix Valley residents to ask for a One Time Service and then expect all their scorpion problems to go away. It’s true that scorpions will not be a problem for at least 1 month after a One Time Service, but there’s a very good reason we highly recommend monthly service for best scorpion control!

Real, lasting scorpion control is an ongoing process not a one time event… Effective scorpion pest control products last about 30-40 days outside. After scorpion pest control products wear off, scorpions in neighboring properties or block wall fences, desert areas, and green belts will feel free to move back in… And they will.

Monthly scorpion pest control keeps an active barrier around your home and yard that does not wear off between services. Keeping a protective barrier around your home and yard that continues to kill scorpions (and general pests too).

Safety Notice: Please be aware that scorpions can still sting while they are dying from scorpion pest control.

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