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How Often Should I Have Scorpion Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

"Scorpion control."

How Often Do I Need My House Treated for Scorpions?

I was also told by my current pest control company that monthly pest control for scorpions is too much. Mine does it every 3 months. Is this true? – Kathy C.

"Scorpion control."

Each home, and scorpion problem, is different… Some homes can go every other month to control scorpions, but We would never recommend a quarterly service for scorpions. Scorpions are one of the most stubborn pests to kill. The experts at Responsible Pest Control recommend monthly scorpion control service so that treatments don’t wear off between services and leave your home open to reinfestation.

scorpion control guarantee

Monthly pest control services provide a protective barrier that keeps killing scorpions {and other pests} without wearing off before the next application. This creates the best barrier around your home to protect against scorpions that can keep coming from neighboring properties, block wall fences, desert areas, and green belts!

Generally quarterly services are more profitable for companies, and that’s why they’ll suggest it.

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