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How To Screen Vents to Seal Out Scorpions | Phoenix Scorpion Control

how to screen vents

How To Screen Vents

Screen vents to help control scorpions, and other pests! Vents entering your home from the outside often provide entrance for scorpions and other pests. Scorpions are great climbers and have no trouble climbing stucco walls, and getting into vents. Scorpions are one of the biggest culprits entering homes through vents in the Phoenix Valley, but other pests also enter through exterior vents like: Bees, wasps, rats, flies, mosquitoes, etc. Learn how to screen vents to keep scorpions and pests out:

It’s one of the easiest things you can do for scorpion control around your home. Screening vents can easily be done by homeowners, or we’ll do the dirty work for you for a small fee of $25 per vent.¬†

Steps To Screen Vents

Step 1. Identify vents in your home that have an exterior entrance.

how to screen vents

Step 2. Remove Vent Covers

how to screen vents

Step 3. Cut screening material to fit.

pest control: vent screening

Step 4. Secure screen material on the interior of vent cover. Duct tape was used here.

screen vents pest control

Step 5. Replace Vent cover! Make sure vent cover fits tightly.

seal out scorpions vents 

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