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Why Cricket & Roach Control is IMPORTANT – Phoenix AZ

House cricket.

Pest Control Crickets Roaches & Scorpions

Crickets and roaches may not seem like a big deal, but they attract – Scorpions and Black Widows and they are a big deal!

One of the main reasons cricket and roach pest control is so important in Greater Phoenix AZ is because of the pests they attract! Crickets & roaches are favorite foods of BLACK WIDOWS and SCORPIONS, and can actually ATTRACT them like BAIT!

Some people like the sound of crickets at night (or they may also keep you up with their chirping), and everyone knows that roaches are dirty and can spread germs but this isn’t the main reason for control in areas like Phoenix AZ. These pests live all over Phoenix Valley neighborhoods and roaches especially love sewers. However, the biggest reason for most residents to control crickets and roaches around the home and yard is… Because they attract SCORPIONS and Black Widows!

Pest Control for Crickets & Roaches

scorp hunting cricketResponsible Pest Control services are a sure way to control crickets, roaches, plus black widows and scorpions around your home and yard! But, You can HELP control these pests by reducing their food and shelter sources:

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