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Ways Pests Can Infest Your Pet’s Food

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Pet Food & Pest Control

Is your pet food attracting bugs or rodents? Don’t make this mistake!

Pet foods attract pests when left out all day & night. Ants and many other insects and critters are attracted to pet foods, and easily make their way into the bowl.

Pest Prevention & Control

We regularly inspect homes with mysterious pest infestations. During an inspection, it’s not uncommon to discover infested pet food as a contributing condition. After an infestation gets established pest control may be the only answer, but you can prevent this problem before it starts!

Most people have a pet, and we enjoy our animal friends. Keep your pets happy…  Prevent pest infestations by removing pet food and water dishes at the end of the day. Keeping your pet food and water bowl just for your pets saves you money and PREVENTS infestations in your house and backyard. Your pets will thank you! Prevent ants, cockroaches, wasps, crickets, rats and mice from eating up their food and invading your house or yard!

Dog and cat food are common culprits attracting pests and contributing to invasions. BUT any kind of pet food will attract insects. Never leave pet food outside. Keep your pet food in sealed containers off the floor and feeding bowls picked up after they’re used. Are you attracting bugs?

Picking up pet food shouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes removing water is. If you live in a HOT climate, like the Phoenix AZ Valley, pets need access to drinking water all day, so just take those at nighttime. It’s also an excellent idea to give those bowls a quick wash to get rid of any particles or build-up. You can place your pet’s water bowl right back in the morning. Picking up and washing out feeding bowls at bedtime keeps them fresh and removes pest food and water source (at least for nocturnal pests). Bugs need water just like any other living creature and reducing sources available around the home helps avoid problems.

Birds: Birds are in a league of their very own. Their fare is regularly up above the floor in their cage. However, birds play with their feed and are messier. They often scatter food around their enclosure and it ends up on the floor where it appeals to and feeds pests. You can prevent pest problems by cleaning the floor around their cage each day.

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