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What are Jerusalem Crickets? Pest Control and Prevention – Phoenix AZ

Close-up of a Jerusalem Cricket.

Cricket Control

To control Jerusalem Crickets you’ll just need to eliminate moist areas and mulch outside. Remove logs, large rocks, and debris that would provide cool harborage. When Jerusalem Crickets are found inside, they can easily be removed by a vacuum or capture and released outside.

Jerusalem Crickets are huge, nocturnal, crickets that measure about 2 inches!

Outside these crickets feed on organic materials, and may infest and damage root plant crops. Inside homes Jerusalem Crickets are just a nuisance pest. They can bite but are not venomous.

Cricket Identification

Jerusalem Crickets are nocturnal, and live in underground burrows or under debris like rocks and logs. Jerusalem Crickets need moisture and are most active during the spring and after rain. During the hot summer months they use their big hard head to burrow 6-10 inches into the soil.


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