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Get Pest Control History Before You Buy a Home – Phoenix AZ

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Scorpion Protection for Phoenix Home Buyers

Looking at buying a new home in the Mesa or Phoenix Arizona Valley? There’s nothing worse than discovering a scorpion or pest infestation after you move into a new home!

Scorpions in New HomesAlthough it’s not the end of the world if the property you’re buying does have scorpions, it’s good to know so you can take care of the problem before moving in! Find out if the house has scorpions before you buy it. In Arizona you can learn a property’s Scorpion & Pest history before you purchase any home. Home sellers fill out a “Property Disclosure Form” when they list a home for sale. This legal paperwork asks sellers the history of the home inside and out… including if it has scorpions and Pest Control Service!

Make sure you ask for and read this important document before purchasing a home. Knowing the Pest History of a home prepares you to Control SCORPIONS or other pests problems before you even move in!

The best way to prevent scorpion problems is to be proactive and get an initial scorpion pest control treatment before you even move in! Treating an empty home allows for a very thorough treatment in all the little cracks and crevices that scorpions (and other pests) like to shelter in!

We highly recommend that monthly scorpion pest control for best results. Monthly scorpion control doesn’t wear off between services, and can be outside only after we’ve eliminated them inside.

GUARANTEED Scorpion Control

"Guaranteed control."

Responsible Pest Control provides the most effective Scorpion Control in Mesa & the Phoenix AZ Valley!

We’ve spent years collecting scorpions & running tests to ensure our Scorpion treatment kills scorpions themselves… Not just their food sources (other bugs). Effectively treating your home, yard, block wall fence, areas scorpions shelter, and contributing conditions. Eliminating scorpions, their food sources {other bugs} and harboring areas!

Delivering EFFECTIVE Scorpion Control in MESA, Phoenix, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert AZ and surrounding areas!

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