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Pest Control for Clover Mites in Phoenix Valley

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Pest Control for Clover Mites

Clover Mites invade homes by the thousands when plants {food sources} dry up & die outside. {The name, Clover Mite, comes from the fact that they love to feed on Clover!}

Clover Mites… What Are These Tiny Little Red Bugs?

Clover mites intrude homes in the beginning of summer {or late spring} when weeds and plants in the yard start drying up. Sometimes these mites enter homes by the thousands in the early spring or fall months.

These tiny beetle-looking pests have red legs and red on their head, and a grayish colored body. They’re so small that they can gain access through the very tiny cracks around windows and doors {especially sliding glass doors}. Clover mites wander the house, and walk on walls, searching for food sources {they eat 200 different types of plants including lawns.} When squished they leave a blood red mark which can stain walls, curtains, furniture and carpet. Although a clover mite infestation is alarming, they are generally harmless, and easily eliminated with general Pest Control Service.

Clover Mites lay round red eggs, often on foundation walls or cracks. {Sometimes the eggs are so thick that the eggs look like a red surface.}

We have plenty of pests in the Phoenix Valley that require Pest Control from scorpions to Black Widows, but Clover mites pose no medical threat.


Pest Control

Key to preventing and controlling Clover Mites is an appropriate Pest Control application combined with landscape maintenance!

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