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Black Widow Pest Control in Gilbert, AZ

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Risks of Black Widows: Gilbert, AZ 

Although Scorpions are Gilbert’s #1 Pest Concern, Black Widows aren’t far behind!

Protect your family with Gilbert Black Widow pest control. Black Widows are a common pest in Gilbert AZ posing heath risks to residents.

No matter which Gilbert neighborhood you’re in, chances are you’ll find a Black Widow
lurking in a corner somewhere! Black Widows are black and glossy with a bright red – orange mark on their under belly. Adult females get up to 1 & 1/2 inches with legs extended. Males have a red marking on their under bellies, but they’re a light tan color and smaller.

Black Widow Pest Control

GUARANTEED Pest Control Mesa AZThere are several things you can do, with your Pest Control Service, to help PREVENT Black Widow infestations. Eliminate debris around your home that give spiders shelter for egg sacks. Remove boxes, lumber piles, or paper collections, in your yard, home, garage, or sheds. Use Regular Pest Control service for Black Widows and bugs they eat. Turn OFF exterior lights at night; They attract a buffet of bugs that attract Black Widows. 

Did you know that A Black Widow bite is 15 times more poisonous than a Rattlesnake!


Black Widow Bite Signs & Symptoms

If you’ve been bitten by a Black Widow Spider, call your Doctor, or go to an Emergency room. If possible take the spider for identification. Black Widow Spider bites are rarely fatal when treated. Evidence of a Black Widow bite is local SWELLING with by TWO very SMALL RED SPOTS where FANGS pierced the skin. Major symptoms of Black Widow Bites are:

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