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Pest Control for Roaches in Scottsdale, AZ

Cockroaches Are All Around

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Not much is more disgusting than discovering Roaches living among us! Because roaches thrive outside in our desert. Providing Pest Control for Roaches in Scottsdale AZ !

Responsible Pest Control service eliminates infesting Cockroaches and prevents future infestations with regular services ~ Guaranteed!

AZ Roaches love our warm temperatures, and the moisture provided by watering systems or Monsoon seasons. The majority of Roaches, that live outside, in our area are American, Turkestan, and Oriental Roaches (not to be confused with German Roaches which infest homes, especially kitchens & bathrooms.)

These roaches are commonly referred to as “water bugs” or “sewer roaches”. They are about 1-2 inches long as adults, American Roaches getting a bit larger than Turkestan or Orientals. Although they have wings, Turkestan and Oriental roaches don’t fly. The slightly larger American Cockroaches do fly. American, and Turkestan, Roaches love to infest sewers.

These roaches live outside, and enter your home for food or water in various ways including open doors, open windows, loose fitting pipes or wires, sewer drains that aren’t used regularly, vents, loose weather stripping, missing door sweeps, pet doors, or any other opening.

A roach infestation could easily be missed by a casual inspection. All Roaches can be a bit elusive because they are nocturnal, and much more active at night.

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