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Roach Species in Phoenix Valley Arizona

American Cockroach.

4 main species of roaches throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley & 5 step pest control process.

The most common roaches throughout the Phoenix Valley are American and German Roaches. Roaches are considered a public health threat because they cause asthma and allergies, and because they feed and breed in unsanitary places (like sewers, septic tanks, and garbage storage) from which they spread disease causing bacteria.

#1 American roaches

American Roaches are the most common roach in the Phoenix Valley

{American Roaches are also called “sewer roaches” because they are the most common species of roaches found in Sewers in the USA.} These roaches are controlled with monthly or bi-monthly Pest Control Service.

Male and female German cockroaches.

#2 German Roaches

What may seem like 1 German Roach can explode into a huge Infestation in Homes and Business

Unfortunately, anyone can get German Roaches; it doesn’t matter how clean you are. These little roaches are like bombs waiting to go off. One little roach can hitch a ride on anything, and the situation just explodes from there… suddenly your infested, and overrun with roaches! They feed on everything from human hair to wall paper, and They’ve built up a resistance to many pesticides! Battling German Roaches can be extremely frustrating, and professional Pest Control is required for Control.

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#3 Oriental Roaches

Oriental Cockroaches are easily controlled with regular pest control treatments.

Side-by-side comparison of male and female Oriental Roach.

Oriental Cockroaches are easily controlled with regular pest control treatments.

Oriental Cockroaches aren’t the most common roaches in Phoenix Arizona metro areas, but do live in our desert yards & can infest homes.

Turkestan Roaches (by: D. H. Gouge)

Turkestan Roaches (by: D. H. Gouge)


#4 Turkestan Roaches

We also have Turkestan Cockroaches here in Phoenix Metro areas.

Responsible Pest Control is a great service! We had a pest problem that another pest company could not deal with… They actually were treating for the wrong type of bug. So we hired Responsible Pest Control, and they took care of the problem in just 3 services.”
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Date published: 12/31/2014
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Pest Control for Cockroaches is a 5 Step Process Including Prevention, Sanitation, Identification, Pest Control Clean Out, and Follow-up Maintenance.
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