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When are Scorpions Out in Phoenix, AZ?

scorpions exit nests phoenix az

Scorpions Exit Nests

scorpions exit nests phoenix azIt’s official… Scorpions are coming out of winter nesting areas! Arizona Bark Scorpions gather to nest together during the winter months, and RIGHT NOW they’re coming out to feed and mate! Scorpion nests can be large, and when they’re exiting that nest in the dark the sheer scorpion volume can be scary. A couple days ago We watched over 30 scorpions exit 1 tiny crevis in just a few minutes. Scorpions nest in untreated BLOCK WALL FENCES, structure wall voids, and inside other crevices. They especially like concrete joint crevices.

It’s TIME for Scorpion Control

If you haven’t protected your home with an effective scorpion pest control barrier yet, NOW is the time. Don’t wait for scorpions to make it inside your home! Bark scorpions love to shelter during the day around structures resulting in frequent home invasions at night as they search for food and mates. Scorpions also attract other scorpions with pheromones and vibrations to mate, so it’s best to be proactive and avoid an infestation. Scorpions will still have to exit their nests to come in contact with scorpion control products but will die within a couple hours of exposure.¬†


Phoenix Scorpion Control nowEffective scorpion control results from correct product usage applied around perimeters and onto the crevices scorpions shelter and nest in. Severe scorpion infestations can take up to a month to get under control so all scorpions already in the home or yard can contact the product barrier. Scorpions roam and can continue to enter your yard from neighboring properties. Those scorpions will cross your scorpion pest control barrier and die within a few hours. If you’ve been using a regular scorpion pest control service and still have LIVE scorpions INFESTING your property, they’re not using the right products in sheltering areas… You may have a scorpion nest that is not treated correctly.

Trust the professionals at Responsible Pest Control to CONTROL scorpions for good with MONTHLY scorpion pest control service! Providing the most effective scorpion control in the Phoenix Valley – GUARANTEED!

GUARANTEED Scorpion Control

time treat scorpions phoenixResponsible Pest Control GUARANTEES Control of scorpions with MONTHLY scorpion pest control services. If you ever get a scorpion or pest invasion between regular services, give us a call, email or text! We’ll come take care of the problem and retreat at NO extra charge to you! Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we’ll do what it takes to get control no matter what!


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