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Why You Can’t Seal Holes to Control Bees

Large bee hive in attic beams.

Why Bees Must Be Removed Before Sealing

DO NOT seal a hole to Control Bee’s… They must be removed first!

Upon discovery of Bees going in and out of a hole in a wall, many homeowners often seal that hole to try to control Bees on their own… NOT a good idea! Bees can LIVE a long time INSIDE a wall before dying, and they can DIG THROUGH the wall INTO your home, or back outside.

If Bees have been going in & out of your wall for awhile, chances are they have BUILT a HIVE. The best thing to do at this point is to open up the wall, and remove the hive… even when the Bees are dead. When a hive is left in a wall, the honey attracts more Bees in the future, and other BUGS. CALL The BeeMan for LIVE Bee Hive Removal in Phoenix and surrounding areas!


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