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The Most Common Pest in Phoenix, AZ

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Roaches Are the Most Common Phoenix Pest

Roaches attract other pests {like scorpions} and are capable of transmitting disease, which causes food poisoning and other illnesses. Cockroaches are a large cause of Allergies & Asthma for people, 2nd to house dust!

Fun Fact: A cockroach can live a week without its head. It only dies because it can’t drink!

Pest Control Stops Roaches

An untreated Roach invasion can EXPLODE!! All roaches reproduce quickly. Female Cockroaches drop dark “egg cases” filled with her eggs. Cockroach eggs are protected from the environment in their “egg case”, and can not be exterminated by ONE pest control application alone. These Roach eggs hatch on their own in about two months. Because they reproduce so FAST, and live all over outside, regular pest control is the ONLY way to keep them out of your home and yard.

Roaches become established in a home after being introduced through grocery bags, with laundry, or wandering in from outdoors. Once cockroaches become established they are prolific breeders, capable of producing thousand offspring in JUST 1 year.

Warm temperatures & plenty of moisture increase the need for Cockroach Pest Control in Mesa & Phoenix AZ areas. Although cockroaches in Arizona live all year round, we see them more in warmer months! Our desert is home to a few different kinds of cockroaches, and most of them (except German Roaches) comfortable THRIVE outside throughout the Phoenix AZ Valley. Untreated yards & homes can easily become infested with roaches.

Think are Roaches harmless? ….Better think again!

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Cholera
  3. Leprosy
  4. Dysentery
  5. Typhoid & over 40 other disease causing bacteria, & viruses.

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