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Venomous Spiders in Phoenix Valley Pose Medical Threat

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Brown Recluse - Identify

Brown Recluse Spider


Effective Phoenix Spider Control for Brown Recluse and Black Widows eliminates food sources {other bugs} plus harboring areas and webs. Prevent future infestations with a preventive barrier around perimeters of your home, yard, and fence.


You guys do a great job. Our big problem on move-in 5 years ago wasn’t scorps, but black widows. Under our front doorstep, back patio, and quite a few in the garage. Since Resp Pest’s 1st application, I literally have never seen another since.”
Written by: Wayne Grailin


Monthly service is recommended to break the reproduction cycle, and eliminate newly emerged spiderlings. {Egg sacks that are not destroyed, are protected from pest control product treatments.}

Did you know that of the 3,000 spider species in the U.S., only three of them pose a threat to humans, and 2 live in the Phoenix AZ Valley? IF you think you were bitten by a venomous spider… stay calm, and catch the Spider if possible for positive identification!


Brown Recluse Spiders

We don’t have the true Brown Recluse spiders in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. We actually have a relative of the Brown Recluse, known as the Sonoran Brown & Mojave Brown Spiders.

It’s important to learn the proper identification because, Brown Recluse spiders in Arizona are often mistakenly identified. Brown Recluse Spiders pose dangerous health risks to humans, and enter homes during cooler months seeking shelter from cold weather. Regular Pest Control service easily eliminates Brown Recluse and other spiders.


Eliminate these habitats to help control Brown Recluse Spiders with your Pest Control Service.

Brown Recluse feed on live small insects. Outside Brown Recluse are usually found: around rocks, utility boxes, wood piles, and bark. Inside homes they look for areas that are seldom disturbed, like: basements, crawl spaces, stored boxes, and attics.

Bite Symptoms

Black Widow Spiders

A big pest problems in our Phoenix Valley desert is Black Widow spiders. No matter what part of the valley you’re in, chances are you’ll find one of these dangerous spiders lurking in a corner somewhere!

OUTSIDE ~ They favor harboring areas in dry structures like: barns, sheds, wood piles, outhouses, chicken coops, meter boxes, siding on houses, etc.
INSIDE ~ They like harboring areas that are seldom disturbed and cluttered including: basements, garages, storage areas, crawl spaces, etc.

Black Widows are black and glossy spiders that have a bright red to orange hourglass shaped mark on their under bellies. Adult females get up to 1 and 1/2 inches when their legs are extended. Males also have the red marking on their under bellies, but they are light tan in color and smaller in size. These spiders are venomous and Medical Attention is required if bitten.

Bite Signs & Symptoms

If you’ve been bitten by a Black Widow Spider, call your Doctor, or go to an Emergency room. If possible take the spider for identification.

Black Widow Spider bites are rarely fatal when treated. Pain from a Black Widow bite is almost immediate, but the actual Black Widow bite isn’t always felt. Evidence of a Black Widow bite is local swelling accompanied by two very small red spots where the Black Widow fangs pierced the skin. Pain reaches it’s max between one and three hours after bite, and lasts for twelve to forty-eight hours after. Major symptoms of Black Widow Bites are:

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