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Scuds & Springtails ~ What Are These Little Tiny Bugs?


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Pest Control for Scuds & Springtails

Springtail photo by Susan Ellis,

Springtail photo by Susan Ellis,

It’s that time of year again! Spring… You’ve GOTTA love this weather! “What are these little tiny bugs” is a question we get especially this time of year. Spring bring what we call Scuds and Spring Tails. These little tiny bugs that like ares like areas with MOISTURE.

As temperatures rise, and moisture dries up outside, we see large numbers of these pest inside homes, under trash cans, and anywhere they can find moisture. GOOD NEWS… They disappear as fast as the MOISTURE does! Scuds and Spring Tails are so super small, its hard just to squish one with your finger. Springtails will jump, and scuds won’t.

Places Springtails & Scuds Infest MOIST Areas Including:

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