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How To Prevent Bedbugs Phoenix AZ

Bedbug Prevention

There are many different ways Bedbug infestations get started. This blog will help you prevent a Bed Bug infestation.

Furniture & Things You Buy

This is a very common source of bedbugs! Don’t buy refurbished mattresses or couches. (If you must… get one of these Bedbug Mattress Cover) If you buy new furniture, pick it up, and cover with a Bedbug Blocking Mattress Cover! Furniture delivery trucks also take away used furniture, and can have bedbugs in them. Don’t rent furniture. Don’t store other people’s furniture at your home. If you help someone move, and have other people’s things in your car, inspect your car after their things are gone. Inspect all garage sale furniture or antique store furniture first. Inspect all used books before you buy them. If you shop at a thrift store, put items right into the washer and dryer when you get home!


Check for: Bedbugs (similar in size and shape to a tick but they have a rusty reddish color), Bedbug spots (several little black spots in a group), and Bedbug eggs (they look like little tiny pieces of rice).


Other Sources


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