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What To Do If You Have Wasps Near Your House

Wasps near your home can be scary, especially for those with severe allergies. Learn what to do about wasps near your home with Responsible Pest Control.

With their loud buzzing and painful stingers, wasps can ruin all your summer plans. Fortunately, you don’t have to hide indoors. Learn more about how to identify and get rid of wasps in this blog. 

How Are Wasps Different?

Before addressing the issue, make sure you know what you’re dealing with. Wasps look very similar to bees, but there are a few clear distinctions. 

The clearest visible differences between the insects are their size and shape. Wasps are generally larger, longer, and have more defined stripes than bees. Wasps can also range from yellow and brown to red and black, depending on the kind. 

The most common types of wasps are paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. Of those three, hornets tend to be the largest and most aggressive. 

Are Wasps Dangerous?

In short, yes. Wasps are aggressive and territorial and will use their stinger to attack. Unlike some types of bees, they can sting more than once. Wasps also tend to travel in groups, which means a wrong step into a wasp’s area can lead to multiple wasps attacking repeatedly. 

Where Do Wasps Live?

Wasps can nest anywhere, but they often come into homes looking for a food source and a place to spend the winter. They might hitchhike in through open doors or windows or find voids in the structure of a home. A full nest—and a full infestation—only takes a few months. 

How To Control Wasps

If you’ve found wasps on your property, remain calm. Wasps are triggered into action by erratic movements in their territory. Be sure to move any children or pets away from the area, as they may be more affected by stings.

For just a few wasps, try to guide them into another area by opening a window, blocking other pathways, or starting a fan. In a yard, try settling traps, either store-bought or homemade, to capture and kill the wasps.

Mint is also known to annoy wasps, so strategically placing peppermint oil may deter them from settling. Store-bought sprays kill wasps on contact but take much longer to have an effect on nests.

How To Remove a Wasp Nest

When it comes to a full infestation, it’s best not to take any action that would agitate the swarm and compromise your safety. For fast, professional results, call the experts at Responsible Pest. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped households and businesses across Arizona protect against pests and get back their peace of mind.

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