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Why Your Seeing Tarantulas all over Mesa & Phoenix AZ

Close-up of an Arizona Tarantula.

Tarantulas in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Valley residents find Tarantulas around their home in late summer. Don’t worry… You’re not infested with Tarantulas!!

Late summer and fall is mating season for Tarantulas in Phoenix Valley areas. The Tarantula is North America’s largest spider, and spends the majority of its life hidden in underground burrows. Once a year the mature males leave their hidden homes in search of females to mate. Male Tarantulas’ life span is short lived, and does not cause a concern of infestation. The Tarantula is a docile spider, and their bite is no worse than a bee sting.

Male Tarantulas come out during late summer in the Phoenix AZ Valley – and are sometimes seen in large numbers, crossing yards and roads, as they search for a mate!

Tarantulas aren’t like other spiders because they don’t spin webs… They’re burrow dwellers instead! Tarantulas are the largest, hairiest, spiders, and they have very slow metabolisms. Their slow metabolisms cause Tarantulas to live for a considerably long time… In fact, male Tarantulas mature in 8 – 9 years, and the female Tarantula can live for over 20 years!

Spider Pest Control for Tarantulas

Tarantulas are not a pest control target… Although people are usually alarmed when they see a Tarantula in their home or yard, they’re really just a nuisance pest because Tarantula bites aren’t any more dangerous than wolf spider bites and bee stings.

If you find a Tarantula inside your home, the best course of action is to capture and release it outside! Tarantulas spiders are only around for a short time each year… Tarantulas are not a normal Pest Control target. If you find a Tarantula in your pool, it was most likely out roaming in search of a mate, they’ll sometimes fall into swimming pools and drown 🙁

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