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Why Bark Scorpions Enter Homes

Dead scorpions in a light fixture.

Why Scorpions Get Inside

Bark Scorpions enter homes throughout greater Phoenix AZ Valley. They haven’t just adapted well to living in human environments… They THRIVE in them!

Scorpion populations have actually GROWN with development and the human population growth in the Phoenix Valley. Homes and neighborhoods provide the moisture and food resources for them to thrive.

Everyday Bark Scorpions enter homes in the greater Phoenix AZ Valley.

Scorpions are always on the lookout for sheltered areas that protect against water loss during daylight, then they’ll come out to eat or mate at night. Landscaping and buildings provide cracks and crevices perfect for scorpions to shelter in and hunt from!


Ideal sheltering areas for Bark Scorpions are dark, cool, or moist, and have a little airflow. Bark scorpions usually find ideal sheltering areas in:

scorpion control

Scorpions LOVE Block Wall Fence Cracks

Scorpion frequently enter homes through tiny cracks and crevices during their late night hunting activities, or as soon as the sun comes up for shelter. Scorpion home invasions are a direct result of unprotected, or under protected, homes providing ideal shelter and food sources.

Prevent & Control Scorpions

"Guaranteed control."Eliminate scorpions (plus the bugs they eat) and PREVENT future infestations with the experts at Responsible Pest Control. Effective Scorpion Pest Control KILLS scorpions already inside you home and yard, and keeps working with monthly service to PREVENT future home invasions and infestations!


Get help from the Scorpion Control experts!

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