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How Do Scorpions Get Inside Homes?

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How Scorpions Get Inside

Scorpions get inside homes during the night as they’re out hunting for food or a mate, and as bark scorpions gather to hibernate/nest. During the day scorpions seek shelter and rest in or under cracks, crevices, landscaping materials, in block wall fences, and around homes and other structures. Scorpions come out at night and make their way inside homes in 5 different ways:

1 – Through Weep Areas

This is a big one… Scorpions look for cracks and crevices to shelter in and, on unprotected homes, they often make their way up into weep areas at the base of the house. After entering weeps, scorpions can move into other areas of the house including wall voids and up into warm attic during the cold winter months to nest.

Residents with scorpion problems during the summer often think they’re coming from the attic. However, scorpions need to preserve water loss and prefer cooler areas with an airflow. So, contrary to common conception, scorpions do not live attics regularly, especially in warm or hot weather. Instead they prefer cooler areas in the house. But they do drop in through vents…. 

2 – Through Vents

Most people who think they have scorpions in their attic actually have scorpions getting in through vents! Exterior vents leading inside are an open door to bark scorpions! Because bark scorpions love to climb, they often come upon vents leading inside the home. Those shady vents attract scorpions. Bathroom vents, or exhaust vents, are common entry points for scorpions who may drop on the interior floor after entering.

Exterior vents should be screened with window screening and duct tape purchased at any hardware store! Take the vent off first and attach screening to the inside of the vent to avoid an eyesore! 

3 – Under & Through Doors and Windows

Bark scorpions love to climb on walls (and other surfaces) and can get inside through un-caulked cracks around windows and doors. Everyone knows that scorpions can enter a home through open doors, but did you know they can enter under closed doors? Yes they can! Exterior doors usually have rubber attached to the bottom called a “door sweep”. Old or worn out door sweeps don’t fit tight and leave room for scorpions to get inside under the closed exterior door! Scorpions only need a 1/16th opening to get inside! 

4 – Through Construction Gaps

During and after nightly hunting and mating activities, scorpions enter homes through the smallest cracks and crevices in house exteriors or garage walls. Scorpions get into cracks as small as 1/16th of an inch, and are often found at the base of untrimmed (unfinished) garage walls, and around unsealed pipes and wires that enter the home.

Scorpions are nocturnal arthropods. As soon as the sun comes up they seek cover, and often sting people as they’re sheltering in shoes, clothing, and bedding. Scorpions have been found to infest homes by the hundreds, and love sheltering in wall voids and other cracks and crevices. One pregnant bark scorpion will have 25-39 babies who’ll ride on their mothers back for a couple weeks, and mature in 1 year further growing the infestation. Eliminate scorpions now and prevent future invasions with the specialized Scorpion Pest Control services at Responsible Pest Control. 

5 – By Human Transportation

No one means to bring scorpions into their home, but it happens as boxes and other items are brought inside from the garage, storage areas, or other place that have scorpions… Like plant nurseries! Nurseries provide the moisture and sheltering areas that scorpions love. We’ve seen scorpions come from nurseries with landscaping materials and plants. Scorpions also like the moisture around potted plants, and easily climb right in. Check for scorpions before bringing boxes, potted plants, and other items inside! 

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