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3 Ways Flies Invade Arizona Homes

Finding flies in or around your home is one of the most infuriating experiences you can have, especially if you’re someone who hates being dive-bombed by these nuisance pests. While flies are a major annoyance, they’re also a potential source of danger and illness in your home.

If you’ve seen flies swarming outside your house, you might want to find the source and quickly contain it. You might otherwise end up with a whole house full of these unwelcome invaders. Let Responsible Pest Control show you the common ways flies get into your home and how to evict them with professional pest solutions.

Common Methods of Entry for House Flies

Flies can get into your home via a surprising number of avenues. Whether you’ve seen one fly or several, it’s important to know what attracts flies to your home. If you’re dealing with a sudden influx of flies in your house, look for these culprits:

Poorly Sealed Doors or Vents

Everyone knows the best way to keep flies and other insects outside is to make sure doors stay shut. If you’ve still noticed evidence of a fly problem but don’t spend a lot of time with open doors or windows, check the seals. In addition to the risk of moisture damage and escaping cool air, bad seals on doors, windows, or vents can be a great way for flies to get into your home.

Uncovered Trash Cans

Nosy wildlife isn’t the only risk you face when leaving trash cans uncovered. Flies love to get into bags of trash where they can feast on rotting food and create a perfect breeding ground for maggots. For outdoor trash cans, keep lids securely closed and tight. For indoor spaces, make sure you’re not throwing anything smelly or gross into open-air containers. A good trash can with a lid that closes can help save you the headache of dealing with flies.

Improperly Stored Food

Did you leave a pizza box on the counter overnight? Did you forget to tightly close the container with the leftovers after the barbecue? Even a single fly that makes its way into a container with improperly stored food can lead to a full-blown fly infestation. If you’ve got food in your house (and who doesn’t), make sure lids are on tight and food that needs refrigerating is promptly put behind closed doors. If you can, serve food indoors (behind those sealed doors) and be on the lookout for any flies that may have landed on open containers to lay their eggs.

How do I get rid of flies in my home?

Sticky fly traps and other DIY methods may sometimes be effective, but they’re also unsightly and even unsafe. Instead of relying on your own devices to get rid of flies, consider seeking professional pest services from a company that knows what to look for—and how to treat the issue!

Call Responsible Pest to Deal with Fly Problems Today

Whether it’s one bug buzzing around your bedroom or a lot of them taking up residence in your kitchen, a fly infestation can pose real problems for your peace of mind. Let Responsible Pest handle the hard work of getting rid of them. We’ll look for points of entry and things you can fix today while also giving you targeted treatments for fly and other pest removal and prevention. Contact us today and schedule your appointment!

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