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Can Pest Control Kill Flies? – AZ

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Tips For Killing Flies

Professional Pest Control is LIMITED in treatment for house flies to TREATING window seals, and places flies will land. There are several common sense steps you can take around your home to help control house flies.

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Flies in the Phoenix, AZ Valley make their way INDOORS as temps cool. Did you know that the Housefly is one of the most dangerous insects in the world? It can carry and transmit more diseases than any other animal!

There are many ways that flies invade Arizona homes. Here are some ways to avoid fly invasions:

We LOVE this Educational Video on House Flies!

Did you know that House Flies can actually taste with their feet? YES they can! Flies actually have taste buds on the ends of their legs… They’re getting a sample of your food every time they land on your counter or table… YUCK!

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