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Scorpion Control VS Hunting and Sealing Your Home – Phoenix AZ

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Scorpion Pest Control Methods Phoenix & Mesa AZ Valley

Pest Control for Scorpions

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Scorpions travel as they hunt for insects to feed on, so they can keep coming into your yard. Hence scorpion control efforts are NOT successful in 1 or 2 treatments ALONE. Pest Control applicators targeting scorpions MUST know which products work on WHICH SURFACES. Pest Control for Scorpions is EFFECTIVE with product applications when:

Scorpion Hunting

Bark Scorpions Mesa AZScorpion Hunting is a {sometimes fun} way YOU can REMOVE Scorpions CURRENTLY in your home and yard, BUT has NO LASTING CONTROL.

Scorpion hunting provides MOMENTARILY effective scorpion control! Scorpions from neighboring properties, greenbelts, or the desert will continue entering your yard, then home, in search of other insects and moisture.

Scorpion Hunting is most effective in the DARK with a Black-light Flashlight! In the dark Scorpions GLOW a bright yellow – green color when you shine a BLACK LIGHT on them! Scorpions found can be gathered in a glass jar {Scorpions can’t climb out of glass jars. Tightly fasten the lid on when finished!} using pliers or tongs. NEVER PICK UP A SCORPION with YOUR HANDS; Scorpion STINGS are too dangerous to risk!

Scorpion Home Sealing

Caulking gun on a kitchen counter.
Sealing your home against scorpions is a good idea, and HELPS discourage scorpions from getting in homes – NOT YARDS.

We highly recommend using a professional scorpion sealing service like We Seal It for best results.

After sealing your home, scorpions CAN STILL enter through open doors, or TINY cracks as small as 1/16th an inch, that got missed. The most effective scorpion control includes sealing and specialized scorpion control that kills scorpions and eliminates food sources (or other insects) and harboring areas:

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