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Scorpion Facts & Information

Scorpion under magnifying glass.

Scorpions are animals that have been around for OVER 400 MILLION Years. Scorpions are not actually insects, they are arthropods with 2 pedipalps, 8 legs, and a tail with a venom injecting STINGER! Scorpions use venom for hunting prey and for protecting themselves. Scorpions also have body armor called an exoskeleton instead of bones. Here are some other fun facts about scorpions:

  1. Scorpions have NO antennae.
  2. They have 2 body regions.
  3. Four pair of jointed legs.
  4. Exoskeleton that is periodically renewed as they grow.
  5. A segmented body.
  6. An OPEN circulatory system.
  7. A ventral nervous system.
  8. And scorpions breath through spiracles or external openings on the sides of their bodies.


AZ Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion

Scorpions are VERY COMMON home & yard invaders in desert regions and throughout the Greater Phoenix Valley.


When it comes to Scorpion CONTROL… Knowledge is Pest Control POWER and Protection!

There are over two thousand scorpion species that live all over the world. Scorpions are venomous which helps them hunt and kill food. Even tiny baby scorpions can deliver a big does of venom. Scorpions hunt and feed on all types of insects, other arthropods and some even feed on very small vertebrates. Scorpions use vibrations and pheromones to attract a mate. Female scorpions give LIVE BIRTH to a brood of “scorplings” (baby scorpions) that climb onto their mothers backs till their first molt.

Scorpions are built to survive and can lower their metabolism to survive long periods of no food. Some scorpions can live for up to a year without food as long as they have water available. But even with a lowered metabolism, scorpions are able to quickly spring into hunting action when opportunities arise!


Scorpion Stings

All scorpion venom is classified as a neurotoxin which attacks nerve cells causing paralysis and death to prey. However, scorpion venom potency is different with each scorpion species. That’s why some scorpions (like Arizona Bark Scorpions) are dangerous, and other species are not. Scorpions usually use their venom to subdue and kill food, but they often use it in self defense too.

prevent scorpion stings phoenix azWhen scorpions feel threatened they sting in self defense. Scorpions use their venom in moderation because it takes a lot of energy to make it. That’s why some stings are “dry” meaning no venom was injected. Scorpion stings usually happen when people step on one and when they put hands & feet into places that harbor scorpions like: under rocks, in cracks and crevices, under debris, etc.

Common scorpion stings cause localized pain, and swelling. Sometimes the sting area turns a blackish – blue color. This scorpion sting is comparable to a wasp sting, and all symptoms usually go away after 24 hours. BUT some people have an allergic reaction which can pose medical threats.

Arizona Bark Scorpion STINGS can be lethal. The sting of an Arizona Bark Scorpion can be especially dangerous to young children, the elderly, and people who are allergic to their venom. Arizona BARK Scorpion stings are very painful. Usually stings by an Arizona Bark Scorpion are followed by: numbness just around the sting that spreads to the entire limb, ANXIETY, dizziness, and sometimes include BREATHING difficulty.


How To Treat Scorpion Stings
First-Aid kit.If you are stung by a scorpion:

Seek medical attention as soon as possible if the victim is allergic, young, or elderly! GO to the EMERGENCY ROOM if you have severe symptoms like trouble focusing eyes, slurred speech, dizziness, muscle twitching, or problems breathing. There is an effective anti-venom available!

Scorpions in Arizona

There are over 30 species of Scorpions in Arizona. {About 70 scorpions species live in the US.} Bark Scorpions are the MOST venomous in the US, and one of the most common scorpions in Phoenix AZ. Responsible Pest Control specializes in EFFECTIVE scorpion control with responsible methods for the safety of family & pets in Greater Phoenix AZ! Top 3 most common scorpions in Phoenix AZ Valley areas are #1 – Bark Scorpions, Stripe Tail Scorpions and Desert Hairy Scorpions!

Bark Scorpion with Babies Phoenix AZ by Juliea Huffaker

Bark Scorpion w/ Babies

Bark Scorpions
This is an Arizona Bark Scorpion with babies {called scorplings} on her back. Notice that her tail is level to the ground and curled up. This is a great way to identify Bark Scorpions, they lay their tails paralleled to the surface they are on while waiting for prey. Other scorpions keep their tails up over their back at rest. Bark Scorpions stings are considered life threatening.

Bark Scorpions LOVE to CLIMB, and often position themselves upside down on WALLS, and hang from ceilings inside. They prefer cool MOIST areas with air flow.

Stripe Tail Scorpions

Stripe Tail Scorpions are one of the most common scorpions in Arizona. They have a THICKER tail than other scorpions, with dark ridges running down the underside.

Stripe Tail or Devil scorpions are usually hiding under rocks during the heat of the day. Like all scorpions, Stripe Tail scorpions are nocturnal – hunting and feeding at night.

Desert Hairy Scorpion

Desert Hairy Scorpion

The LARGEST Scorpion in the Phoenix Valley is the Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
Desert Hairy Scorpions grow to be 6 inches long, and live OUTSIDE under rocks and landscaping.

The seriousness of any scorpion sting depends on the scorpion species, and the victim’s reaction to it’s venom. Although all scorpions are venomous, Desert Hairy Scorpions little medical threat.


Scorpion Control

scorpion pest controlRegular pest control does NOT kill scorpions. Effective scorpion control must be specialized with specific product and application of sheltering areas.

We collect scorpions and run 100′s of tests, with the best and newest professional products, to ensure an EFFECTIVE Scorpion Control treatment that KILLS the SCORPIONS themselves, not ONLY their food sources ~ GUARANTEED!

Pest Control Technology is always advancing and so are we! Testing new products, on an ongoing basis, to make sure we’re using the MOST EFFECTIVE products available for the best control of SCORPIONS, and other Arizona pests.

Responsible’s scorpion control pro’s know WHICH PRODUCTS work and WHERE they work – Delivering EFFECTIVE Scorpion Control in Phoenix and surrounding areas!


Scorpion Reproduction & Babies
Baby Bark Scorpion Phoenix AZ

Baby Bark Scorpion – Phoenix AZ

Have you ever wondered how many babies scorpions have at once? What about how scorpions have babies? Maybe you wonder how long baby scorpions stay with their mothers. We have all of the answers regarding scorpion reproduction and their babies below.


Scorpion Habits



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