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How to Exterminate Sewer Roaches

American Cockroach.

Controlling Sewer Roaches in Gilbert, AZ

Sewer cockroaches transmit germs from sewer areas to homes and can actually attract other pests like scorpions.

“Sewer roaches” are actually just American and Turkestan Cockroaches that love the sewers.

Responsible Pest Control provides EFFECTIVE Cockroach extermination. GUARANTEED roach control in Gilbert Arizona & surrounding cities.

Cockroaches are the MOST COMMON pests infesting homes, & Food Service buildings! Roaches transmit diseases that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses. Roaches are a large cause of allergies and asthma to thousands of people.

Cockroaches live outdoors in Gilbert communities. They enter homes through dry drain pipes, open doors & windows, through bad weatherstripping, and under old door sweeps. Cockroaches are prolific breeders! Once cockroaches get established they produce THOUSANDS offspring in just one year.

Eliminate Roaches with the experts at Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control!

German Cockroach Extermination

Pest Control

Providing specialized German roach control throughout Gilbert, AZ.

German Roach Control Treatments come with two follow-up treatments and are always GUARANTEED. 

German Roaches are a COMMON invader to restaurants, markets, hospitals, and homes. Because they reproduce so much faster, they require more frequent and specialized treatment. German roach infestations usually start from infested shipped goods and packaging.

German roaches need an “Insect Growth Regulator” to stop the reproductive cycle. Without a growth regulator, German roach numbers will just explode! Because of their rapid reproductive rate, pest control treatments should be more frequent. German cockroach “babies” have a disgusting way of feeding. The roach babies eat from the fecal matter of adult roaches. This is important knowledge for German roach control. One of the most effective ways to control their population is to use a special bait that ends up in fecal matter and is thus fed to the young roaches.


Delivering EFFECTIVE Pest Control in Gilbert AZ and the Greater Phoenix area!

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