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Signs of Tick Infestation

Ticks may not be top of mind while thinking of harmful pests. However, ticks can pose a serious health risk to your family members and pets. Knowing how to identify tick infestations is an important first step in keeping your home free of these parasites.

Do ticks infest homes?

It isn’t uncommon to find a tick in the house, especially if you have pets. Latching on to clothing, hair, and pet fur, ticks can easily enter your home. Hiding out in wooded or grassy areas, ticks wait to latch on to their next host. A single bloodsucker may or may not be the start of a tick infestation in your home, but there is a chance they can reproduce if untreated.

However, not all ticks reproduce indoors, instead some prefer to lay eggs in soil. Being able to clearly identify tick infestation can help determine the level of infestation. Ticks that have white markings on their backs typically lay eggs outdoors, while Brown Dog Ticks lay eggs indoors and can be identified by their white markings.

What to Do if You Find Ticks in the House

If you find an individual tick, don’t try to step on it. The body of a tick is hard, making it difficult to smash. Instead, grab a piece of toilet paper and flush the bloodsucker down the toilet. Large quantities of boric acid or table salt will help eliminate any eggs you find. However, as ticks can pose a health risk, be sure to call a professional to treat tick infestation.

Responsible Pest & Scorpion Control provides the Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa areas of Arizona with safe, effective solutions to tick infestations. With over three decades of experience behind us, our team of knowledgeable pest-control professionals can help restore comfort and safety to your home. Contact us at the first sign of ticks in the house to schedule a free quote.

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