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Why Tick Pest Control is Different | Pest Control Phoenix

Tick infestation on animal ear.



Differences in Tick Control and Regular Pest Control


Ticks Control is part of having pets. An Infestation will take over a home INSIDE & OUT if left untreated. Ticks feed on the blood of pets or PEOPLE. Ticks can be picked up outside from areas where infested pets have been. Ticks can attach near your pets spinal cord and cause “Tick Paralysis”. This condition can cause muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and in some cases respiratory failure from paralyzed chest muscles. Dogs pick up ticks easier than humans, and can also get Lyme Disease!

Ticks can go a very long time without a blood meal, and can survive in a home for several months. Cleaning & Vacuuming have an important role for effective Control.

Tick Pest Control Process

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