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When Do Tarantulas Come Out in Phoenix, AZ?

Close-up of an Arizona Tarantula.

Tarantula Season in Phoenix 

In the Phoenix AZ Valley male Tarantulas emerge from burrows during late summer – fall (NOW). They’re seen in large numbers in valley yards, and crossing streets, as they search for a MATE!

Tarantulas don’t spin webs… These hairy spiders are BURROW dwellers! Tarantulas are LARGE, HAIRY, spiders with very slow metabolisms. Because of a slow metabolism, Tarantulas live for a LONG time. Male Tarantulas reach maturity between 8 and 9 years old, and female Tarantulas can live more than 20 years!

Pest Control

Although most people are alarmed when they find a Tarantula inside, they’re just a nuisance pest, not a pest control target. Tarantula bites are no more dangerous than other wolf spider bites, or bee stings. If you find one in the house, the best thing to do is capture and release it outside! Tarantulas are a spider that you see for a SHORT time each year, they are not a regular Phoenix Pest Control target. Sometimes male Tarantulas, who are out looking for a mate, fall into swimming pools and drown.

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