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How to Effectively Get Rid of Scorpions in 5 Steps

"Guaranteed control."

Learn how to control scorpions in 5 steps for the most effective Scorpion Control around your home & yard:

1. Scorpion Pest Control

This is an important step because scorpion control requires specialized products and applications. Regular pest control will not control scorpions. We highly recommend a monthly service for the best Scorpion Pest Control that keeps an active barrier around your home & yard and won’t wear off unless you stop.

Scorpions are night hunters and can still enter your yard from neighboring areas including yards, common neighborhood areas, the desert, or greenbelts. Those scorpions that enter your yard after a scorpion control service will die a couple of hours after coming in contact with our scorpion control products!

Scorpion Pest Control service includes treating the perimeters of your home and garage inside and outside. Treats your block wall fences because scorpions love to shelter in the cracks and crevices of block wall fences. Treats around large landscaping fixtures or rocks, around pools and pool equipment, sheds, and other structures. Treats under grass and in rocked areas in your yard, and in concrete expansion joints or other concrete cracks that harbor scorpions.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Eliminate the other insects around your home and yard that attract and provide substance for scorpions. Crickets and roaches especially as they seem to be scorpions food of choice. **Responsible’s monthly Scorpion Control service also eliminates and guarantees against all general desert pests too!**

3. Eliminate Scorpion Shelters

Scorpions seek shelter during the heat of the day to conserve water. Remove debris, landscaping stones, trash, or wood, etc. Seal (caulk) cracks in block fences. Scorpions prefer these areas because they reduce water loss by reducing air currents and providing moisture. Scorpions will nest in concrete expansion joints, so fill expansion joints with concrete caulk.

4. Seal Scorpions Out

Sealing your home against scorpions is a tedious process that is best done by a professional. We recommend calling David and the pros at We Seal It. They have an in-depth knowledge of construction, best sealing practices, and areas that need to be sealed for scorpion control.

Or you can try it yourself. But remember that scorpions can enter through the tiniest cracks only 1/16th of an inch or larger. Seal scorpions out of your home with: tight door sweeps and weatherstripping, tight fitting screens around windows, screen vents entering your home from the exterior. Caulk is an awesome tool to seal pests out. Use caulk to seal cracks and crevices around: door frames, window frames, utility pipes and wires that enter your home, and vents that enter your home. Stuff copper mesh up into the WEEP areas around your home. {Weeps are the areas under stucco or siding, just above the concrete foundation footers around the exterior perimeter of your home.}

5. Black Light Inspection

Using an ultraviolet L.E.D. black-light flashlight do a night inspection for scorpions around your home and yard. Scorpions glow a bright yellow/green under the black light and can easily be spotted with this tool. You may also find roaches because they’re creatures of the night too 😉 These black-light flashlights can be picked up at most Walgreens.

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