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All About Arizona Western Spotted Orb Weaver Spiders

Spider: Neoscona oaxacensis - Western Spotted Orb Weaver

Western Spotted Orb Weaver – Spider Pest Control

Spider pest control for Western Spotted Orb Weavers. It’s that time of year again! These spiders are easily found throughout the greater Phoenix Valley in October! They are huge gray spiders with large abdomens that have varying patterns on their backside.

Western Spotted Orb Weaver Spiders in Phoenix Valley areas are abundant June – October. {Especially around areas that get a lot of water!}

These spiders are pretty huge for spiders. Adults measure between 5 – 17 millimeters long, and colors and patters vary a little. They build large circular spider webs to catch prey, and wait in the middle for insects to feed on.

Despite their intimidating size and shape, these “Magnificent Artists” – (Carl A. Olson, Associate Curator, 1140 E. South Campus Dr. Dept. of Entomology University of Arizona) are of no threat to residents, and pose no medical threat. They are actually a beneficial spider preying on other insects;)

Orb Weaver Spider Pest Control

pest control for spidersPest Control for spiders is most effective by de-webbing and treating areas they like for shelter (like under eves, corners, and garages).

We found the Western Spotted Orb Weaver pictured above in a huge web between an over grown bush and a block fence. The only Spiders with serious medical concern in the Phoenix Valley are Black Widows & Brown Recluse. People often misidentify Wolf Spiders for Brown Recluse so click on the name of the spider above to see pictures to correct learn identification!

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