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When Should I Inspect my Arizona Home for Termites?

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When Should I Inspect For Termites?

Responsible Pest Control’s Professional Termite Inspectors provide Termite Inspections to residents in The Greater Phoenix AZ Valley for $99 or Quarterly for $89

Termite Inspection

Visual Signs of a Termite Infestation can be hard to spot by the untrained eye. But Termites in the Greater Phoenix Valley will tunnel for hundreds of feet to locate a food source. Termites feed on wood {and wood products} that homes and other building are constructed with. Protect your home from damage with Responsible Pest Control’s Termite Inspections {A small fee only applies for escrow transactions.} Our Termite Inspector Pro’s will visit your home to identify and email a customized written report (please allow 72 hours for your termite report via email) of:

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Responsible Pest does excellent pest control for our home. When we were moving they provided a termite inspection and the best price to treat termites. We look forward to using them in our new house!
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Termite Inspection
Date published: 05/01/2015
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We recommend a Phoenix Termite Inspection every year, and Termite Control Treatment every three to five years.

Most homes and buildings started with a pretreatment for Subterranean Termites before they were ever constructed. Termite Pre-treats are supposed to last five years. Call for a Termite Inspection. (Fee applies for escrow.)

Most termites in the Greater Phoenix Valley are Subterranean Termites that live in vast colonies deep under the ground. They travel up from underground colonies through small “MUD TUBES” that they construct in search of cellulose. (Cellulose is found the wood products.) Some homeowners discover mud tubes going up a foundation wall, poking through an interior wall or ceiling, or flying termites “swarming” around their home.

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Offering customized solutions to best fit your needs and budget… Every home, infestation, and need for termite control in Phoenix is unique; offering customized solutions, including:

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Providing Termite Inspections in Phoenix AZ, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Queen Creek, Maricopa AZ & surrounding areas. {Fee for escrow transactions only.}

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