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Green Lynx Spiders in Arizona

Green Lynx Spider

Facts About Green Lynx Spiders

Green Lynx Spiders in the Phoenix Valley are active predators that specialize in plant living and hunting.

Most spiders give us all the heebie-jeebies… But Green Lynx Spiders are the bee’s knees!

Let’s cut to the chase, these prickly green spiders don’t usually bite humans, and do not spin webs! They jump a distance to pounce, like a cat, on other insects. The name “Lynx” comes from the way these spiders pounce like a cat on their prey. Green Lynx Spiders actually wait for insects to feed on in the flowers of prickly pear cactus throughout the Phoenix Valley! Their bright green color serves as a natural camouflage, and helps ensure successful hunting.

Phoenix Pest Control

Green Lynx spiders in Phoenix are not medically threatening to your family or pets, and are not targeted with regular pest control treatments.

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