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Bed Bug Facts in Phoenix Valley, AZ

Bed bug eggs on cushion.
Bed bugs are usually nocturnal eaters, feeding when residents are sleeping, BUT bed bugs will adjust their schedule to the sleeping hosts habits.

Bed Bug Anatomy Chart (FMC)

Bed Bug Anatomy Chart (FMC)

What Are Bedbugs?

How Do You Get Bedbugs?

Signs of Bed Bug Problems

Pest Control

Bed Bugs in Phoenix AZ areas are becoming a very common problem for landlords & renters alike. Join 1000′s of Happy Customers living Bedbug FREE in Phoenix Arizona & surrounding cities!

A bed bug infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness – you can pick them up in the finest hotels! Bed Bugs are very good HITCHHIKERS, and VERY easily transported. Once introduced to a home, they spread fast. Bed Bugs usually stay in cracks and crevices during the day, and come out to FEED at night. (Unless you sleep during the day…They’ll adjust their schedule to Yours!)

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